Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Brooklyn Paper Rocks!!

Ok, so these folks at the Brooklyn Paper are great.
I took the chance and emailed the suggestion that
they post my blog link on their site...and they DID!!!!

There I am "Kensington Stories" floating between some
of the greatest blogs in Brooklyn! I mean they got me
in the same square as "Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn"
over Park Slope, by birthplace.

I mean, we're even in the same sans serif typeface!

Psst...was "Smart Mom" born in Brooklyn?
Not that it matters, I was just wondering thats all.

Oh well, as my grandpa used to say;
you'll never know, if you never try.

I just added these great people to my blog roll.
Check them out!

Ron Lopez

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Dell PowerVault

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