Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Kensington Days (70's and 80's)

Here are some more pictures from the good old days of Kensington. The hockey ones are from me, while the East 8th pictures are from Will Roll. It looks like the boys over by East 8th used to climb to the top of Caton Towers quite a bit. Nice pictures Will. I think the highest I've ever been in Kensington was the sixth floor of PS 179, and looking out the window was surely my favorite subject in school.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Who's that handsome devil in the first shot?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the days before inline skates, and those pictured were space age compared to the steel wheels. I played many a game of punchball during recess on that spot, kids cant do anything with the space outside 130 today.As far as Caton Towers, that was a rare treat, we did a lot of deleveries there for local stores, so the door man knew us pretty well, so as long as you didn't cause any havoc up there you could just go up and take in the scenery. Nowadays you cant get anywhere without a photo I.D. and a stripsearch. Pics. from 8th show John Ryan outside his namesake bar which is now Shananagans,Icant remember that guy who's goosin hims name. My mother still lives in one of those red attached houses, R.I.P. John Mckay (blue short sleeve), and I wish I had that 63 Impala! Thanks! Will

Anonymous said...

Thats Mike Sheppard behind

Anonymous said...

Yes, my brother told me too, did you see yourself going for the ball on Friel? Will