Monday, January 26, 2009

The Buzz-a-Rama was "Buzzing"

Wow, the Buzz-a-rama was really buzzing with people yesterday. I haven't seen that many folks there in a long time. The kids all had a ball and so did we chasing their cars. The Brooklyn News Channel was there instead of channel 7. But nevertheless many of the kids saw themselves on TV last night. Pass the word on about this place, because it is sure a part on Kensington and Brooklyn history that is still with us.

Buzz-A-Rama 500
(718) 853-1800
69 Church Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Sat and Sun 2-6 pm

Ron Lopez

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Mark Brody said...

Brooklyn history? I remember when the place opened. There was competition from another track venue on MacDonald Avenue right next to the P.S. 230 schoolyard.
What this place had going for it was the Triple Nickel with burgers/fries/drinks all three nickels.
A short walk from Tehama Street...

Matt B said...

Hey Ron,

I dug out my "Buzz-A-Rama" kit from my folk's house. Full of all sorts of good stuff. I'm going to photograph the kit and all it's contents: car, controller, tire traction gooey stuff and a "priceless" surprise. It's covered with stickers from 1964-65. Let me know where to post or email the photos to you. Everyone is going to get a real kick out of this. Photos to follow.

Matt Burstein
260 and 300 Ocean Parkway, between Bevery Rd and Ave. C
P.S 179 1962 - 1969
Ditmas JH 1969 - 1972

Living in Boston now. (And NO, I'm not a Red Sox fan)

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you how far back I go . . . Buzz-a-Rama was SAFEway prior to about 1960 or so.

Triple Nickle had the best charbroiled burgers . . .

Anonymous said...

What memories! I raced cars at Buzz-A-Rama from around 1966 to 1970, and at the place on McDonald Avenue as well. That one was called Ft. Hamilton Raceway. It's now a laundromat. I'm amazed that Buzz is still open, albeit sporadically, given the relative unpopularity of slot car racing these days compared to the 60's heydey. I live in Queens now, and I've gotta get back ther soon before it's gone for good. Thanks for the memories.

P.S. 179 1964-1967
Ditmas JHS 1967-1970
John Dewey HS 1970-1973

Anonymous said...

Havent been to Buzz-A-Rama since 1976! I can't believe its still in operation. I still can hear Paul McCarney and Wings playing in the background while I raced on the Yellow track! What a time! No Internet. No Cell phones! Just a simpler time! I miss those day and I am planning on going back to Buzz-a-Rama to get my retro fix soon!

Shasa said...

I remember when they were building Triple Nickel. I go way back! There was a drug store across the street. Does anybody remember the Greenbaums, a Ma and Pa grocers a few buildings down from Triple Nickel? Also, I think before Safeway there was a supermarket called Associated.