Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old Kensington by Will Roll

Here are some photographs that were given to me by Will Roll, (a loyal reader) By the looks of them they were all taken around East 8th around Caton Avenue sometime from 1979 to 1987. Here are just a few, I will be posting more in the future.
Please note the little kids playing in front of their house with no parents in sight. Yeah, that was the Kensington that I remember too.
Thanks again Will!


Anonymous said...

Nice Will. It was a great new years treat. I remember skicthin on caton ave..Who needed bus
Happy and Healthy New Year too ALL.. Mark s

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool pics. I rememember doing "the parachute" off the ledge leading to the underground garage of The Caton Towers. Jimmy Quinlan and I used to jump off the concrete ledge and grab a tree on the way down to break our fall. Will, you must know Mike Biogone? (sp?) Peter Pabon? Joe Ball?

Did you go to IHM?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I knew Mike B'Agione, Jimmy Quinnlan, and I can never forget Joe ball, he was the sickest bastard I ever met, he did shit on his bike that would amaze anyone! I went to ditmas after P.S. 130. If you lived around there, chances are we know each other, and yes I knew Peter Pabon very well, he was like a super jock who was good at every sport, he lived over on Kermit place, If you knew Frances Feely, he lost his life in the W.T.C. atack on 9/11, thanks Ron, for posting these, I hope more people will send pictures to post,Will Roll

Anonymous said...

Hey Will, It's Mike
Nice pics I see Im in a couple of them...Yes, stick ball,wiffle ball if thats not Brooklyn,What is ?...also Man Hunt,Buck Buck,Hide the Belt,Skully,snow ball fights,jap rocket fights(lol)Good old East 8th and Friel Pl.
Ahhh the great times we had!!!
I wouldnt change a thing...I do miss the Pizza..
If things were the same today im sure we both would be there and not in PA...See ya in Huntingdon...

Anonymous said...

Mike, Im glad you checked out this blog, Ron writes some great stuff here,and the best part is its all true. You never know who you'll read from! If you have some pictures that can be uploaded, send them in to his e-mail. Ill see you soon! Will Roll

mr bojangles said...

those are some swell pictures you posted from east 8 street. i remember when mike dilberian had a whole bunch of hair and he used to keep a brush in his back pocket that he used to keep his hair straight, and keep the dust off his capezio shoes.