Monday, January 26, 2009

The "other" Buzz-a-Rama in Kensington

You know when you get older you tend to forget many things, my cousin Pete who's 52 will always remember things that I don't and visa-versa. Well, Mark from PA just reminded me that there "was" another slot car place in Kensington back in the day. Now it was not as big or as popular as the Buzz-a-Rama, but it was here. You know where that gigantic laundry place is on McDonald, right between PS 230 and Pitta's? Well, that was the place.

In Mark's words.....
"Brooklyn history? I remember when the place opened. There was competition from another track venue on MacDonald Avenue right next to the P.S. 230 schoolyard. What this place had going for it was the Triple Nickel with burgers/fries/drinks all three nickels. A short walk from Tehama Street..."

Thank you Mark, I am beginning to remember that place now!

Ron Lopez

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