Saturday, January 31, 2009

My TWO bit life!

You know not much has changed for me in the
past fifty-one years. And in many ways the number
“TWO” is all I reached.

Oh, let’s see…
I have been married twice, so that’s TWO wives.
I have lived in only TWO places in Brooklyn,
so that’s TWO apartments.
And I have had only TWO jobs in my entire life.
TWO jobs.
Oh, right, TWO kids too!

Yeah, being employed since 1975 and I have never taken
off more than TWO weeks from work in one stretch.

Yeah, TWO weeks.

No month off to “collect” my thoughts or no TWO month trip
to travel cross-country. That was nine years at one place and
twenty-five years at another. All without ever getting laid off
once in my entire “TWO-BIT” life.

What the hell is it with the number TWO?

Even when I played roller hockey down at Avenue F
I was always the number TWO goalie in the league.


One of my old girlfriends used to always say;

“Oh Ron, you are so predicable”.

Ok, so maybe I am, but isn’t the sunrise too?

Does the number TWO make you predictible I ask?

Maybe that’s why most of my old girlfriends and even
both my wives lived very “unpredictable” lives before
they met me. I guess they all needed to be with someone
who was “very” predictable to balance all their

Marry someone just like me?
What the hell, are you freaking nuts?

I want to hear all the stories about the twenty jobs
and the fifteen apartments you had.
The year you lived in Mexico City, along with the
summer you spent writing in Sag Harbor.
Readings of your book along with stories about
that crazy roommate you lived with in Boston.

Yeah, it’s really true that opposites attract,
it’s really true. Because "predictable" me never
passed the number TWO.

Ron Lopez

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