Saturday, January 17, 2009

A rough time on East Fourth.

This past night my friend Jimmy Spinner's house caught fire. Well, the good news is everyone got out safely, but the bad news is Jimmy’s old house took quite a beating. I guess the firemen have to break every window in the place to vent the fire, but man it was quite a shocker to see the house wounded like that. They even had to chain saw the damn roof. But hell, I know it won't take too much time before the place is all fixed up and everyone is back.

And once again the folks on my block came through, everyone who lived in the house was offered a place to stay by their neighbors. “An extra room because my son’s in college” or “that old bedroom someone’s daughter slept in before she got married.” Real old school stuff that I always knew growing up here.

And you better believe the first thing I did when I got home was check the smoke alarms and see that the fire escapes were working. Because “fire” never has a friend, and neither does “smoke”.

Ron Lopez

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Richard said...

Well being the tenant that Lived in the attic of this apartment and being a tenant there for 21 years with both my family and then living in the attic myself, this was my place. The fire started beneath me in the second floor apartment, that tenant had moved in about 2 years prior I believe, and though it started on that floor all the brunt of water damage and smashing of walls occurred in my apartment where there was no fire, because firefighters were unsure of the source so they smashed everything. Now though this happened and I pretty much lost everything, I at least thought that having been a tenant 21 years and had a great relationship with the landlady and her family from day one always helping her anyway possible, you would think that WHEN this was fixed up which was around August of that same year I would get my place back, but no it was rented to others for a better $$, so much for OLD SCHOOL right?