Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks again for reading (30,000+) hits

For many people who read this blog it's all about the past history of someplace that's totally new to them. While for other's it's a step back into their childhood and the neighborhood they grew up in.
I get so many wonderful comments from people who used to live here, as well as many from people who are totally new to Kensington and East 4th.

Here are just a few of the comments from some of my readers. And I have to tell you this stuff really makes me feel nice, it really does.

"I stumbled upon this site and feel like I found a Christmas gift! I grew up on Albermarle Road and McDonald Ave. and am 48 years old. I'll keep reading-Thanks and Happy New Year"

"Hi. Just came across your blog. Thanks for your time and efforts. Brings back lots of memories. An office mate (here in Wash DC) and I were discussing "appetizing stores" and a google for "Saul's" gave up your site. Lived on E. 2 and E. 5 St. Grandfather ran a fruit and vegetable store on Church Ave. Gosh, I feel ancient. But, nothing whatsoever like a NEIGHBORHOOD !!!! Don Tartasky"

"Great input by Paul, I think its amazing how we all knew the same games from block to block back then. Y ou can only imagine how many years it took to spread to so many neighborhoods, and stay consistant, without all the cell phones, and kids didn't really leave the block, no need to. Maybe our parents were visited by the spaldeen aliens, but I find it amazing. The sad part is that for as long as people took to pass those games on from generation to generation, it all just ended almost instantly. I can tell you that on E 8th. st. it was a right of passage to play stickball, you couldn't play till the old timers moved on, and you had to be at least 16 to get in. Well thanks for the memories, youv'e got me craving the smell of a new spalding, ( am I the only one who loved that smell, I doubt it) Happy holidays to all, keep it comming, Will"

"You just made my day. I was eating my lunch and decided to google Ditmas Ave and your blog was an option so I checked it out. My name is Eddie SInger and I am a 48 year old guidance counselor living in Keene, NH, but I grew up on Ditmas Ave and East 7th St. Imagine my surprise when the picture of your hockey team from November 23, 2008 included my father Gus, seated lower left and my brother Scott, standing right behind you. Scott is three years older than I am and we both went to Ditmas JHS. My mother Ruth even worked there for a while as a school secretary. And by the way, Mr Fink on Ditmas Ave. made a pretty sick egg cream too."

"Ron, I'll always remember Isabel and her music. Eight tracks and cassettes of Kiss, Airsupply, and Wham. There she was sitting in the front window on the third floor, music blasting and jamming to her favorite songs.

"Mmm,the famous Ebinger's blackout cake, awesome with a cold glass of milk. I remember it well. Living closer to Ditmas Ave and going to St. Rose I usually went to a small bakery on the way home from church on Sundays on Ditmas bet. E 5th and O.P. Donuts and cheese danishes and the Sunday Daily News with the huge color comics section. I don't think those great bakeries exist outside of Bensonhurst and Staten Island anymore really. It's sad. I can barely find a cannoli out in NJ. We were lucky indeed. Joe, former E 5th st guy"

"I love reading all your stories about the way Kensington used to be. We lived at 625 beverly Road before Ben Gluck who owned 625 and 629 Beverly passed away...we know live around the corner but love Kensington with a passion since moving here 11 years ago from Park Slope...We are so upset that Falafel Fusion closed...Looking forward to hearing more about Kensington and the way it used to be. Our son adores Kensington as it is such a melting pot these days... This is truly a small town!"

"Jimmy writes a great story. I searched the net looking for a blog of some sort from him. (nothing) Can you direct me to where I can find more of his stories... I knew Tweety and Quinlan from the nabe.. keep em comming we will keep reading...Mark s in P.A."

"Thanks ron! I just moved here and have found the residents to be very nice. I even live doors away from you on E 4th st. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading them."

"Morris - what a nice guy....I specifically remember how, when you only had a nickel, he'd take a 10 cent two-stick ice pop (still in the wrapper) and smack it against his truck's bumper so he could sell you half! He was a gem....not like the jerk in the Good Humor truck whose first words to us kids was "Let me see your money" thinking we were all poor street got so bad that we'd wave him down, show him our money and then tell him we didn't want any of HIS ice cream - we'd wait for Morris. And we never ate from the Bungalow Bar guy even though he had a cool truck with a house roof on the top ("Bungalow Bar, tastes like tar, the more you eat it the sicker you are"). I will admit, though to eating Mr. Softee many times - soft serve was just something Morris didn't have. Pete"

"wow wow wow. I am a student at St. Johns University, and for my English class, I have to write a place portrait and I picked kensington to write about. I grew up here. I am 19 now. And as part of the paper, i needed info how the place has changed and I across your page. and I read everyone of your story. And wow i am speechless. I simply loved them all."

"Wow, reading your post sure brought back memories. I was a suburban kid in the 70's, but every summer I would become a city kid and stay with my parent's friends in their Church Ave apt, on the 3rd floor above Scarollas. I remember going to the Beverly all the time. I remember a park with metal swings on McDonald. Ther was a swimming pool on mcDonald too, I think. I even went to the Buzz once or twice."

"This reminded me of going to cathecism from public school on Long Island. We were excited about leaving school early, but none too happy to see the nuns. Our were at Our Lady of Mercy and all wore the long black habits with the thick black belts. My younger sister remembers Sister Mary Theckler who was feared by all public school kids. SM Theckler was known for the giving a fierce whack to any boys who caught her displeasure; this was especially true when we rehearsed for confirmation. Boy did her slaps echo in the church! The bishop was a piece of cake compared to her.
Thanks for sharing your memories."

"I really love your stories! It makes me glad I picked such an awesome neighborhood to live in. :)"

"Those were awsome stories dude, My two sisters and I were there (ps179) from '73 to '83 and then to Ditmas. I remember all of the stores on Church Avenue near the McDonald avenue side. Most of my later memories was post '77 blackout Kensington, when all the Jewish store owners on Flatbush left after all the lootings. Things changed quite a bit afterwards. About half of all the Irish and Italians left, I don't remember any wasps (unless you mean after Dahill Road). It became mainly PR, Black, Caribbeans, Asian and Yugoslavian (now Croats, Serbian or Bosnian) and Russian. There were still alot of Jewish classmates. Being of Guyanese East Indian descent, I was part of that change. But what memories."

"Man I still call that place the Sanders, it was pretty scarry up there in the early seventies. Youre description of the train is dead on, do you rember when the GG would go all the way to Church avenue? will the F express ever run again? Will"

For some bizarre reason the name of a 4th grade classmate popped into my head. Then I just decided to google "P.S. 179." I went to there between the early to mid-70s after I was bussed out of my Bed-Stuy neighborhood.

"That's a nice class photo! I wish I still had my photos from my days at 179. I still remember the names of my classmates, and I can still see their faces in my head too. Which is why if I'd located my 4th grade classmate, I know I'd recognize her, even after nearly 35 years."

Hey, what can I say.
I guess "thank you"
and nothing else.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Ron, congratulations on this milestone. You have done a great thing here, It's not just a random blog fest that has a chain of comments that mean nothing. You truly have a gift for telling a story with literary skill, and with Brooklyn style balls. Tragic, funny, ironic, informative. This is how you get 30000 hits! Please don,t get tired of doing this, Will

Anonymous said...


I find myself coming back to this site all the time....Brings back many great memories...
Congrats Ron on 30,000...
(east 8th MIKED)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ron and Thanks. I tell friends and family about this blog. The ones that do check it out always call me back. Everyone loves a trip down memory lane. MARK S